Test tubes on a rack.

Texas State-Federal Laboratory

The Texas State-Federal Laboratory in Austin provides laboratory support for TAHC and USDA cooperative programs and surveillance activities. We are proud to be part of the National Animal Health Laboratory Network (NAHLN).

Laboratory services include a variety of tests for bovine tuberculosis, bovine and swine brucellosis, and pseudorabies in swine, as well as identification of livestock ectoparasites (such as ticks and mites) or suspected screwworms.

Sample submission

Brucellosis Samples

  • Samples must be accompanied by an official test document such as a VS 4-33 or VS 4-54 form (Brucellosis Test Record or Market Cattle Testing Program Test Record).
  • Blood samples (serum) will be screened with the Rapid Automated Presumptive (RAP) test, and follow-up testing on RAP positives will be conducted according to current USDA and TAHC requirements.
  • If other specific tests are needed (for example to meet export requirements for another country), please clearly indicate the purpose of the test and which tests you are requesting on the test chart.

Tick and Fly Larvae Submissions

  • It is important to confirm that ticks are not cattle fever ticks and fly larvae are not New World screwworms. Veterinarians suspecting an animal may be infested with these troublesome pests are encouraged to call TAHC at 1-800-550-8242 or contact their TAHC Region Office.
  • For information about submitting tick and fly larvae to the TAHC State-Federal Laboratory, visit the Fever Tick and Fly Larvae Submission Guide.