Texas Animal Health Commission

Sunset Review

Sunset Advisory Commission is reviewing the mission and performance of the Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC). The TAHC is one of 20 agencies currently under review for the 2019-2021 review cycle.

The Texas Legislature created the Sunset process in 1977 to assess the need for and the effectiveness of state agencies and their programs in a structured and focused way. The Sunset process shines a light on state agencies and programs to see if they are still relevant in a changing world. If the answer is yes, Sunset recommends improvements to make them more effective and efficient. If the answer is no, Sunset recommends abolishing the agency or transferring it to another agency with related functions.

The Sunset process has three stages. First, Sunset staff will evaluate TAHC, seek public input, and issue a report recommending solutions to problems found. Second, the Sunset Commission will hold two public meetings: a hearing on the staff report and the agency, and a decision meeting to adopt recommendations to the Legislature based on the report and public comments. Third, the Legislature will convene in January 2021 and will considers Sunset’s statutory recommendations in a Sunset bill for TAHC.

There are several ways to provide comments and suggestions to Sunset staff on TAHC’s mission, operations, and services:

  • Send an email to sunset@sunset.texas.gov
  • Submit comments online at www.sunset.texas.gov
  • Send a letter to Sunset Advisory Commission, Attn: TAHC, P.O. Box 13066, Austin, Texas 78711
  • Call (512) 463-1300 to speak to Darren McDivitt, project manager of the TAHC review

Please provide your comments by December 1, 2019 to ensure Sunset staff can fully consider your input while conducting their review. Comments submitted before the staff report is published in 2020 will remain confidential.