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TAHC regulations are made and adopted by 13 governor-appointed commissioners who represent the general public and various livestock industries and professions. The commissioners serve staggered six-year terms and meet as needed to study the regulatory needs of the agency, review public comments on proposed regulation changes, and adopt new rules when necessary.

Current Commissioners
Commissioner Industry Represented Term Expires
Coleman H. Locke, Chairman Beef Cattle 6 September 2021
Brandon Bouma Dairy 6 September 2017
William Edmiston, Jr., D.V.M. Sheep and Goat 9 September 2019
Jim Eggleston General Public 6 September 2021
Ken Jordan Livestock Market 9 September 2019
Thomas "Tommy" Kezar General Public 6 September 2017
Joe L. Leathers Equine 9 September 2019
Thomas E. Oates Exotic Livestock/Fowl 9 September 2019
Vacant Poultry
Leo D. Vermedahl Feedlot Industry 6 September 2017
Mike Vickers, D.V.M. Veterinary Profession 6 September 2017
Eric D. White General Public 9 September 2019
Vacant Swine